A Comprehensive English Grammar by C. E. Eckersley, J M Eckersley

By C. E. Eckersley, J M Eckersley

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As soon as I set f oot on th e island he \~ shake hands with me. She IS going to kee house or. . The ship has set saU. This will easily catth E· ve ca m e _by landlb Ka /2Y air. To go on beard ship. . , To stay at home. . T o be out of doers. ax. but no! bv nighJ. H e is in debt/in troubk. t. H e dldthe work if!! """the shi p is aJ anchor. • • i \ I \ Vh ich one of th ese wo rds , used i,. a/ snu" mus t be preceded by t he deJi ni te article? Why ? lUst, eggs. CcU'S, cow. le where ' Ir a U

G. g. mmg. rtal). g. prelly - pnt/ier - prettiest; simple - simpler - si mpks; narrow - nerrotrer - norrow(sl : or th at have t he stress on the last syllable, eg. poiite - politer - politest. (el W ith certain frequentl y-used disyllabic adjectives that have their stress on t he first syllable: quiel - quieter - quicust: pItasa'lt -puaso'JUr - pltasontest; handsome - htJ ndsomerha ndsomest ; commo n - COMmon,r - t ammOllfst; nonow narrower - na rrowest . Method (2) is used: (a) With mos t disyllabic adjec tives wit h the accent on t he first syllabl e.

G. George is taller tha n He nry. This car is less expensive than that one. g . lie would rattier (SOO Il(J') play thall work. 0'"" It is also used , but less frequently , after an d allof"er _ e,g. The result was quite other tha n we had expec ted. abl e il t he acc en t i, nn t he 1,\~t syJla hle. I""I~" i~, histOtic

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