A Selection of European Folk Dances. Volume 2 by Society for International Folk Dancing (Auth.)

By Society for International Folk Dancing (Auth.)

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Leg diagonally to R . Bar 2 Beats 1 and, 2 Step R . L . R . Repeat hopping on to R . F . and kicking out L. l e g . PRYSHEDKAS or Squatting Steps (danced by men only) NOTE: when It is important to keep h e e l s together and body upright. Care should be taken learning the step to avoid damaging a leg muscle; it is always advisable to limber up before dancing. UKRAINE HOPAK 43 Arms folded in front, held away from the body at chest l e v e l . Each complete step takes 1 bar of music. Count 1 and, 2 and, Beat 1 "and" With a little jump land with knees bent and apart, heelds together, body upright.

T h e s e hands are held throughout the d a n c e . ) Leading c o u p l e s have inside arms outstretched at shoulder level to form 'shaft'. A Bars 1-2 3-4 Starting with L . F . all dance two s c h o t t i s c h e step forward. Couple A release inside hands, turn outwards (man L . , girl R . ) and with 4 step-hops dance around to the back of couple B and rejoin inside hands; couple B at the same time dance 4 step-hops forward to become leading c o u p l e , and bring their inside arms up straight at shoulder level.

F . ( L . , pivot, R . ; L . , pivot, R . e t c . ) The man's first step i s a strong one as he takes the girl by the waist. She p l a c e s her hands on his shoulders (Peasant Hold) arms are straight and both lean a little away from one another. T h e steps should be smooth with no h o p s . HOPAK UKRAINE 39 Couple dance in l . o . d . This is a suggested s e q u e n c e of figures, which may be varied as desired. There is an introduction of 8 bars of music, partners take hold " A " and balance to music.

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