A Student's English Grammar Workbook by Sylvia Chalker

By Sylvia Chalker

A shorter and revised version of the acclaimed accomplished Grammar of the English Language, for complex scholars who want a complete therapy of English grammar but additionally transparent and available presentation.

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P r o t c c t c cs lp c c i e sw h c n ( ' l ) . . . . . g r c a tw h i t es h a r k( 3 ) . . c o a s t w a s i n l p o s e c l ye stc-rclav. ban within 200 nriles o1' (5) .. . h. ; " ; i " ; 40 Nounsanddeterminers (6) .... 'lf(7). . j a w b o n ec a nf ' e t c hf 4 . 0 0 0 . he'sgoingtobreaki y o u r h o u s c . ' T h i sb l u n ta s s e r t i oins a l l ( 8 ) . . . ( 9 ) . . . c r i m c p r c v e n t i o no f f i c e r f b r (10) .... . M o r e t h a n- 5 0 0c l i r n e sw c r c c o m m i t t e c l c v e r yh o u ri n E , n g l a nacnl dW a l c sl a s ty e a r ,a c c o r d i n g to ( I l) ......

T h e m e 'z o o s zo . o r ( 4 9 ). . ) . Sonrc ..... wild. t o ( 5 0 ). n ctlh c i ri n t n a t ersc t u r n e d spcciesbccorningextillct. 19-20] tt ttt'tlrt' anclaclcling by inscrtingsuitablcprcpositions, thc qucstionnairc Crrrrrplctc otl a you try thcttl cttulcl thc tlucstitltt:t. (Whcn vou havecornplctccl il'ncccssary. liicnclI ) I Whcrryou wakc up. cloyou gct ()t1'ot bcclirtrrlrctliatcly'? brclkfast'l I D o y o u g c tt l r c s s c d b c l i r r co r s c h o o l / w ork'? . . y o u w a l k .

No. wc have scveral tlther stlntt,sfirr olclcr chilclrcn. 2 I'rl buying atrothcrcncyclopaeclia. havc you got nttw'/ How r-narty ittclcx. itncllhc appcntlix to hcr book. an 3 Shc's busy writing n l t lrc lilrtc writing s p e n d Shc sccnts to thanthc actualbooks 4 Thisis a crisis. Oh clear,your wholc lif'eis a sericsot 5 Hc'll sendyott a mem

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