Abridged Science for High School Students. The Nuclear by H. Messel

By H. Messel

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This is found to be so for most salts ; however, because some salts are less soluble at higher temperatures than at lower temperatures, the kinetic energy of the ions cannot be the only factor of importance in the process. Rates of solution. When a salt or other solid is broken into fine pieces, its surface area is very much greater than when it is in larger pieces. When you cut an apple into halves, the surface area of the apple is increased because the large 25-5 new surfaces along the cut are exposed.

L . Place a small plug of wet glass wool or asbestos at the bottom of a test tube. Place another small piece of glass wool or asbestos about half-way up the tube. Clean and polish a piece of magnesium ribbon and place it on the upper plug. Insert a rubber stopper carrying a few inches of glass tubing in the mouth of the test tube. 4. If any action occurs, place a lighted splinter near the outlet tube. In this experiment you need to observe any reaction between water in the form of steam and magnesium, so wait till the steam is coming off freely before heating the magnesium.

Macromolecular . Ionic . . Metallic . Metallic . Metallic . Ionic . . Ionic . . Molecular . . Molecular . Metallic Hardness 10 9 7 3 2 · 5-3 2-3 2 2 1 · 6-2 1 -5 0 ·5 0·4 Density 3 ·5 4 ·0 2·7 2 ·7 8 ·9 2·7 1 -5 2·2 2-5 2·0 1 -8 0 ·9 in different directions. For instance, mica cl eaves perfectly along one plane ; the forces of attraction parallel to this plane are large while tho se at right angles to this plane are very much smal ler. T H E E LASTI C I TY O F S U BSTA N C E S In Chapter 1 3 we described the behaviour of materials when they are compressed.

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