Aggression, Time, and Understanding: Contributions to the by Frank-M. Staemmler

By Frank-M. Staemmler

Aggression, Time, and Understanding is the 1st ebook of Staemmler’s writings to be released in English. In the early sections of this book, Staemmler (supported by way of his Buddhist spouse, Barbara) comprehensively explores and questions the conventional Gestalt treatment concept of aggression and proposes a brand new method of operating with anger and hostility. extra sections contain in-depth examinations of the themes of time (the "Here and Now" and "Regressive Processes") and figuring out ("Dialogue and Interpretation" and "Cultivated Uncertainty"). From Staemmler’s "critical gaze," Dan Bloom observes, "concepts end up refreshed, re-formed, and revitalized constructs for you to proceed to boost the idea and perform of latest Gestalt therapy." 

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Moreover, experienced and expressed hostility might decrease in frequency, if people would know better and make more use of the really positive alternative to aggression, i. e. their explorative-assertive capacities. To them, much too often aggressiveness seems to be the only viable option if it comes to standing up for themselves. Whereas in most cases it is desirable to support clients in developing explorative-assertive attitudes and behaviors, this cannot at all be said of aversive-aggressive coping strategies.

In the end you had the pleasant experience of your own efficacy, and on the way to that end you felt the excitement and the stimulation that were the concomitants of your engagement with new situations and facts. 19 And now, in contradistinction, imagine an occasion at which you were annoyed and angry and maybe had the fantasy of hurting or even killing the person who has triggered your wrath. What did you experience physically and mentally in that situation? ). 4 2 . A g g r e s s io n , T im e , & U n d e r s t a n d in g indignation that may have felt somewhat tantalizing to you, your thinking may have been narrowed and tied to the cause of your anger and, in the event that you vented it, you may have experienced some brief relief, but certainly no enrichment (as in the previous example).

91). If you read how Peris (1975, p. " Ego, Anger, & Attachment, Part I ... " We do not mean to suggest that anybody, who frivolously uses the term "growth," intends to justify individual or state-run aggressive expansion or other activities disrespecting national or international law; this also applies to Peris, who as a socialist and Jew had personally suffered from Nazi politics. However, we want to underline that these kinds of attitudes and actions become possible, if growth per se is positively evaluated and, in addition, connected to a confused idea of aggression.

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