Analyse réelle et complexe : Cours et exercices by Rudin

By Rudin

Cet ouvrage présente les strategies de base et les théorèmes fondamentaux pour un cours de moment cycle. L'accent est mis sur les profondes connexions reliant les domaines traditionnellement disjoints de l'analyse: sont ainsi réunies l'analyse réelle et l'analyse complexe. Le livre aborde également quelques-unes des idées qui fondent l'analyse fonctionnelle. Cette troisième édition contient un nouveau chapitre consacré à l. a. différentiation, et il permet au lecteur de se familiariser avec les fonctions maximales. Les notions d'équicontinuité et de convergence sont présentées avec plus de précision, ainsi que le comportement à l. a. frontière des functions conformes étudiées par le moyen du théorème de Lindelof sur les valeurs asymptotiques des fonctions holomorphes bornées dans un disque.

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We say that the series 2 vn consists of the terms of 2 un in a different order if a law 71 = 1 11 = 1 is given by which corresponding to each positive integer p we can find one (and only one) integer q and vice versa, and vq is taken equal to up. The result of this section was noticed by Dirichlet, Berliner Abh. (1837), p. 48, Journal de Math. iv. (1839), p. 397. See also Cauchy, RisumH analytiques (Turin, 1833), p. 57. 26 THE PROCESSES OF ANALYSIS [CHAP. II be an absolutely convergent series, and let S' be a series formed by the same terms in a different order.

L * Proc. London Math. Soc. (2) iv. (1907), pp. 247-265. These results, which are generalisations of Abel's theorem (§ 371, below), though well known, do not appear to have been published before 1907. From their resemblance to the tests of Dirichlet and Abel for convergence, Bromwioh proposes to call them Dirichlet's and Abel's tests respectively. 3'35, 3'4] CONTINUOUS FUNCTIONS AND UNIFORM CONVERGENCE [For we can choose w, independent of x, such that corollary, we have m+p 2 ano>n (or) n=m+l n=w»+l 51

I) A suitable interval is not to be bisected; for one of the parts into which it is divided might not be suitable. 54 THE PROCESSES OF ANALYSIS [CHAP. I l l This process of bisecting intervals which are not suitable either will terminate or it will not. If it does terminate, the theorem is proved, for CD will have been divided into suitable intervals. Suppose that the process does not terminate; and let an interval, which can be divided into suitable intervals by the process of bisection just described, be said to satisfy condition (B).

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