Are Lobsters Ambidextrous?: An Imponderables Book by David Feldman

By David Feldman

Ponder, in case you will ... Has an individual ever visible a dwell Cornish online game rooster? Why do quarterbacks say ''Hut''? Why do ''sea'' gulls congregate in parking plenty of purchasing facilities? What does the ''Q'' in Q-Tips stand for?

Pop tradition guru David Feldman demystifies those questions and lots more and plenty extra in Are Lobsters Ambidextrous? a part of the Imponderables® series—the unchallenged resource of solutions to civilization's daily mysteries—and charmingly illustrated via Kassie Schwan, this booklet will give you info that encyclopedias, dictionaries, and almanacs simply wouldn't have. and give it some thought, the place else are you going to determine what occurs to the caffeine left over from making decaffeinated coffee?

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