Art-of-Living: A Concept to Enhance Happiness by Bernhard Schmitz

By Bernhard Schmitz

This quantity examines the questions of what constitutes a great lifestyles and the way you will in attaining happiness and health, and analyses alternative ways during which humans can try for a great lifestyles. First, it provides an summary on vital ideas in psychology which are relating to dwelling a very good existence. Then, a brand new technique is brought: the idea that of art-of-living as a holistic technique to achieve happiness. Empirical reports are mentioned regarding a questionnaire for measuring art-of-living, and the validity of the questionnaire is proven with appreciate to quite a lot of ideas. moreover, the amount offers effects from empirical reports, displaying that, and the way, art-of-living and happiness could be more advantageous. numerous intervention stories are defined intimately, that have been played with varied teams of topics, together with students, college scholars and staff. additionally, result of interviews are summarized, which have been held with those who were nominated as exemplary artists-of-living. the quantity concludes with an outline of art-of-living in autobiographies, and offers feedback for additional learn with admire to art-of-living.

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But as described in chapter one also the rapidly growing knowledge of positive psychology has to be integrated. Therefore a refinement of the first conception seems to be rational. There are empirical and theoretical considerations, because the instrument development is an ongoing process we want to optimize the instrument from the perspective of test-quality criteria, to reach better homogeneity measures but also a better theoretical representation of the core concept. Although we see meaning as a central component of art-of-living, until now meaning was only a part of self-determined way of living.

In order to compare our theoretical considerations with common views, we asked our sample about their ideas concerning art-of-living. 1). 2). The answers to these questions served as an additional source for developing and phrasing the final questionnaire. 1 Open questions in the preliminary interview with exemplary answers Question Exemplary answer What do you understand art-of-living to mean? To find solutions that contribute to personal satisfaction even in difficult situations Art-of-living is to make the best out of what you have and to be happy with that/it Inner strengths, strong-mindedness, creativity serenity, courage Serenity, satisfaction, to feel happiness in life Not to become desperate To accept day-to-day circumstances and practice serenity Creativity and improvisation Enjoy the moment and do not get tangled up in worries about the future In not being too perfectionistic To seek new ideas and goals and fulfill them Independent of the opinion of others, strong personality, committed to his/her own thing Which traits would you ascribe to a life artist?

To have an optimistic attitude towards life is part of the art-of-living concept, because it contributes to a better life and not because an optimistic view is valued as good per se. It is not possible to avoid that the concepts are related to various values but it is not the main intention to prescribe from a moral perspective what is good and what is not. There is not only one way of art-of-living (therefore Veenhoven 2003a, b advocated the notion “arts-of-living”) but numerous ways lead to happiness.

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