As Easy As Pi by Jamie Buchan

By Jamie Buchan

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The end of Prohibition in 1933 and a mass crackdown on corruption in law enforcement, saw a reduction in the kind of large-scale numbers rackets that occurred in Harlem and other poor communities. Illegal gambling, however, is still very much alive. 54 WHY BUSES COME IN THREES The hugely irritating tendency of buses to lag behind advertised timetables, before arriving in a seething glut half an hour too late, is a well-documented phenomenon of public transport known as ‘bunching’. Bus companies have invested a lot of money and effort in attempts to alleviate it, and advances in communications technology mean that the worst bunching can now be more easily spotted.

61818181 ... The relationship extends to geometry as well. ), they rapidly start looking like a Golden Rectangle (see illustration above). 6180339887 times wider with each 90-degree turn: 47 Although logarithmic*1 spirals of this type occur frequently in nature – from the swirls of milk in coffee to the spirals of galaxies – any claims about the Golden Spiral in particular having some sort of cosmic significance should be treated with scepticism. The Fibonacci rectangle can also be turned into a spiral, which, because the terms of the sequence relate to each other by factors tending to φ, looks a lot like a Golden Spiral.

Each broadcast is usually introduced by a short, distinctive audio clip, presumably to make it easier for agents to tune in – MI6 used two bars of ‘The Lincolnshire Poacher’ for many years. After this 59 comes a list of numbers read by an automated voice, usually repeated once to avoid errors. ’ – in the mid-1990s. Infamously badly run and plagued with technical problems, ¡Atención! had conclusively revealed its origin by accidentally rebroadcasting Radio Havana on its frequency. ¡Atención! was broadcasting to the Wasp Network, a group of five Cuban agents in Florida who used a computer program to decipher the numbers.

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