Assessing Vocabulary (Cambridge Language Assessment) by John Read

By John Read

This quantity offers a framework that expands the normal idea of a vocabulary attempt to hide a number of strategies for assessing the vocabulary wisdom of moment language newcomers.

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Accommodation situation improving. (from K. Boehm and J. Lees-Spalding The Student Book) The words left out here are a/an and the, the verb be and there is/are. We can also use note style when writing down the important parts of what is said, for example at a lecture or meeting. PAGE 52 6 Information and emphasis 46 Summary Word order and information • 47 In a statement the subject usually makes a link with the situation or with the previous sentence. I hate supermarkets. They're so crowded. And they're expensive.

We've wasted enough time already. NOTE a For American usage, • 303(3). b The long form is formal and old-fashioned. Let us give thanks to God. b Let me means that the speaker is telling him/herself what to do. Let me think. Where did I put the letter? Let me see what's in my diary. Let me explain. ' NOTE Let can also have the meaning 'allow'. Oh, you've got some photos. /May I see? c After let we can put a phrase with a noun. Let the person who made this mess clean it up. Let the voters choose the government they want.

And It's not so warm, is it? As in Pattern A, the voice falls or rises depending on how sure the speaker is that the statement is true. We can also use Pattern B in a tentative question or request. You haven't heard the exam results, have you? ~ No, sorry, I haven't. You couldn't lend me ten pounds, could you? ~ Yes, OK. We can also use Pattern B to express disapproval. You haven't broken that clock, have you? ~ No, of course I haven't. You aren't staying in bed all day, are you? ' NOTE A negative statement can have a negative word other than not.

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