Atlas of Protein Spectra in the Ultraviolet and Visible by Donald M. Kirschenbaum Ph. D. (auth.), Donald M.

By Donald M. Kirschenbaum Ph. D. (auth.), Donald M. Kirschenbaum Ph. D. (eds.)

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O - 0 Casein. o 0 Gelatin. x x Ovalbumin. t::. t::. Protamine sulfate. 600 . 800 \ ' .. 400 . o\, '0 "b:xoooocxx>-o- o~ b '\ \ b '''' \_ 0.... ;. 40---2L60---28LO---:-3~OO::----:3~20:---::340 mlJ. 0 r - - - - - - , r - r - - - - - - , - - - - - - , il _ E. NAME: o. J. L. L. McMeekin, Arch. Biochem. , 93, 245 (1961). - ~ u z ~ )( COMMENTS: Curve A: as-Paracasein, rennin clot. LLI U milk Curve B: as-Casein. Curve C: al-Casein Curve D: Non-rennin-clotted portion of as-casein. 5 LL. U LLI a.. 02 N KOH.

0. (lJ u c o REFERENCE: R. Knippers and H. HoffmannBerling, J. Mol. , ll, 281 (1966) . 0 « COMMENTS: Protein concentration was 1 mg/ml. ---------------"""1 SOURCE: Pig brain EXPERIMENTAL CONDITIONS: Solvent- O. 8. 6 III REFERENCE: LoG. E. Kornguth, J. BioI. , 242, 4933 (1967). COMMENTS: Protein concentration was 2 mg/ml. 6. 2 N KOH. H. Ey1ar and M. Thompson, d c5 Arch. Biochem. , 129, 468 (1969). 0·8 COMMENTS: Protein concentration is 1 mg/m1. 225 250 275 300 325 WAVELENGTH (mJL) NAME: Basic Protein B2 SOURCE: Human plasma EXPERIMENTAL CONDITIONS: Solvent- REFERENCE: T.

G. P. Foust, J. Biol. , 244, 3999 (1969). 8, 17°C. REFERENCE: V. Massey, F. Muller, R. ~ r .... 1 , :,: \:\ \ " \ :: \ :\ \ 'I : \ \ \:\ \', OL---~----~ 350 400 ____L -____ 450 Wavelength (m,u) , \ .... ,,~. 3. Y. Miyake, K. Aki, S. Hashimoto, and T. Yamano, Biochim. Biophys. Acta, 105, 86 (1965). REFERENCE: (1) (1) o~--~~~==~==~~~~~~ 300 400 500 Wavelength (m .... ) NAME: Curve 1: Apoenzyme Curve 2: Holoenzyme Curve 3: Holoenzyme reduced with DL-alanine. 3 mg per ml in visible spectrum. 3. REFERENCE: K.

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