Base Colonies in the Western Hemisphere, 1940–1967 by Steven High (auth.)

By Steven High (auth.)

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119 The same situation prevailed in British Guiana and St. 120 In Trinidad, a local force of two hundred men armed with rifles, a few machine guns, two anti-aircraft guns, and one searchlight were deployed in the oil fields T H E U N I T E D S TAT E S & H E M I S P H E R I C D E F E N S E 37 (the single major source of petroleum for Great Britain). 121 While the troops were there to guard against civil unrest, Kingston harbor was nonetheless equipped with an examination ship, four coastal batteries and a searchlight but no anti-submarine nets or booms.

S. ”28 Only then, he reasoned, could the United States ensure that no new European power could use the smaller islands to open a “wedge” in the Monroe Doctrine. 30 The history of American imperial expansion began with the young Republic’s determined drive westward on the North American continent. Native peoples and the Spanish were swept aside at the point of a gun. S. officers schooled in the unforgiving tactics employed in the Western Plains brought the same to the Philippines to savagely put down nationalist resistance to the occupation.

The strategic importance of British Guiana, meanwhile, was three-fold. Like the others, it provided a base for patrol planes in anti-submarine operations. In addition, it could be used as a base of operations should Germany establish itself in French or Dutch Guiana and represented a stepping stone to South America. 1 Map of St. Lucia with Base Locations. Source: File: PSF. Navy: Destroyers and Naval Bases, 1940 part II. Box 62. Franklin D. Roosevelt Library. 36 BASE COLONIES IN T HE W EST ERN HEMISPHERE Europe and North Africa, however, resulted in it being reduced to care and maintenance status by 1944.

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