Big City: Teachers Book Level 2 by Nina O'Driscoll, Adrian Pilbeam

By Nina O'Driscoll, Adrian Pilbeam

Genuine stories examine significant businesses and illustrate enterprise issues resembling branding, advertising luck, customer support, and adapting to change.Dramatized tale demonstrates situational language and potent communique in a modern enterprise context/environment.Support fabrics permit inexperienced persons to appreciate the video and convey their very own reviews and concepts.

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The words a and an are indefinite articles. They are used with singular nouns. Use a before nouns that begin with a consonant. Use an before nouns that begin with a vowel. ◗ John is reading a book. Would you like a peach? Is that a dog or a fox? pea fox eum mus You’ll need a ruler and a pencil. ch lady pencil a Is there also an entrance at the back of the building? Have you ever seen an elephant? I always take an apple to school. rella umb Do you have an umbrella that I can borrow? islan Would you like to live on an island?

I (help) Mom in the kitchen. 4. My sister and I (watch) television in our bedroom. 5. The train 6. They 7. We (leave) in ten minutes. (come) with us to the museum. (paint) some pictures for Aunt Susan. 8. The boys and girls (dance) in the hall. 9. The cat (chase) some birds. (tickle) me. 10. My brother Exercise 9 Complete the following sentences with either 1) the simple present form of the verb, or 2) the present progressive form of the verb. 1. The teacher always (give) us interesting project work.

Adjective comparative superlative sad sadder saddest wet wetter wettest slim slimmer slimmest thin thinner thinnest big bigger biggest Suppose the adjective has two syllables and ends in y. Just change the y to i and add er to make the comparative and add est to make the superlative. adjective comparative superlative easy easier easiest heavy heavier heaviest funny funnier funniest lovely lovelier loveliest dirty dirtier dirtiest pretty prettier prettiest noisy noisier noisiest tidy tidier tidiest happy happier happiest friendly friendlier friendliest naughtiest tiny tinier tiniest naughty naughtier 40 adjective comparative superlative Adjectives: The Comparison of Adjectives ◗ Use more and most to compare most other two-syllable adjectives.

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