Blackjack: A Professional Reference : The Encyclopedia of by Michael Dalton

By Michael Dalton

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3/87 Olsen Blackjack Confidentia~ [90 Patterson Blackjack: A Winner's Handbook) cold. CHS. Acronym used in this book to refer to a cheating strategy method. chunk. To over-bet or to bet in large amounts. As in the deck is cold. 1) To signify that the deck or shoe has recently been very unfavorable. 2) To signify a deck or shoe that is unfavorable to the player, that is, with a high minus count. See hot. See cooler. cold turkey. Slang for a hand consisting of C-K Count. See Precision Count. two face cards.

Player wins all blackjack ties. Double downs usually restricted. Dealer wins all ties except blackjack. Blackjack pays even money. Player may split pairs only once. In these types of games you can generally be assured that some rules have been changed to restore to the house its overall edge. On the other hand, if you can find double exposure games with regular blackjack rules they are worth playing. See front loading. 3,75] [90 Wong Instant Update] [90 Zender card Counting for the casino Exec.

For example, all dealers must hit a 16 and stand on hard 17, even if all players have hands of 18 or more. Copyright © 1993 by Michael Dalton • All Rights Reserved 44 Blackjack: A Professional Reference According to one instructor the three basic elements to a good "21" dealer are the following: • • • Protection of the game. Uniformity and readability. Speed and Accuracy. See S-17. See H-17. [11/81 Wong Casino Rules... 20,26] [85 Do Dealers Count BJF] [6/86 Flower Interview With a Dealer BJF 31] [91 Janik/Smith How to Deal BJ VIDEO MANUAL] dealer bias.

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