Blood Reign of Nishanpur, The by Jarad Fennell

By Jarad Fennell

Neroth has reclaimed his personal. After a century of rule, the darkish Apostate of Canceri has relinquished his declare upon this mortal coil and handed into oblivion. Shadows cluster one of the vaults of the capital urban of Nishanpur because the Nihang of the Church of the darkish Triumvirate assemble to intrigue for dominance ocer the unquiet soul of the land. Into this ardour play of fiends and vipers input the gamers, of their quest to discover lore no longer intended for the eyes of mortal males, to make a choice...between unspeakable evils. Blood Reign of Nishanpur is the second one half within the Canceri Chronicles, a sequence of adventures that target the malevolent state of Canceri. This moment installment within the trilogy plunges the gamers into the center of this depraved country as they desperately look for the Black publication of Ymandragore, a Tome of Unspeakable Horror and are drawn into an tricky net of lethal intrigue.

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Flask Atlatl: The Altharian Adept Valentinius Burnell invented this device. It is a shaft of wood about the size of a torch, fitted with a shaped wire cage head. A flask, vial, or smooth rock is loaded into the cage and the wielder then hurls the missile with the handle. The flask atlatl gives a +1 to hit. Glass globes: Armor Sicarite Leather and Studded Leather: due to necessity from the lack of iron in the Hinterlands combined with the excellent leather artisans of the Yhing-heer, this superior armor was developed from a cunning design.

Here, any spellcasting PCs will be grappled (politely but firmly) by several burly militiamen, at which point the Ordainer will appear and drain their spell levels as described in the published product. No matter how much the PCs resist, there will be enough guards to ensure that the Ordainer's task is completed; if need be, they will even beat the PCs into unconsciousness to let the spells be drained (healing the PCs before the fight begins). If a PC offers an excessive amount of resistance, the Ordainer may say, “You have spirit.

Skills: Alchemy +11, Concentration +9, Profession (apothecary) +9, and Spellcraft +9, Spot +4. Feats: Craft Wand, Craft Wondrous Item, and Scribe Scroll, Skill Focus (Alchemy). Possessions: breastplate +2, shield, masterwork short sword, masterwork short spear, and various wands, scrolls, and potions. Spells: Adept (3/3/2) 0- Detect Magic, Guidance, Mending; 1Comprehend Languages, Cure Light Wounds, Endure Elements; 2Delay Poison, See Invisible Description: Valentinius is a tall, thin Altharian Adept with a mild foreign accent.

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