Blood Sisters: Vampire Stories by Women

A tantalizing collection of tales from the superior lady authors who've helped outline the fashionable vampire. Bram Stoker was once not often the 1st author—male or female—to fictionalize the folkloric vampire, yet he outlined the fashionable iconic vampire while Dracula seemed in 1897. due to the fact then, many have reinterpreted the ever-versatile vampire many times again—and lady writers have performed very important roles in proving that the vampire, in addition to our perpetual fascination with it, is actually immortal. those authors have devised one of the most attention-grabbing, renowned, and pleasing of our many vampiric diversifications: suavely sensual… attention-grabbing yet fatal… attractive and smart… undead yet vulnerable to detection… tormented or terrifying… fun or amoral… doomed or deadly… badass and beautiful… state of the art or classic…

Blood Sisters collects quite a lot of fantastical tales from New York Times bestsellers Holly Black, Nancy Holder, Catherynne M. Valente, and Carrie Vaughn, and severely acclaimed writers Chelsea Quinn Yarbro and Tanith Lee, all of whom have left their indelible and precise stamps at the vampire style. whether or not they are undeniably heroes and heroines or bloodthirsty monsters (or anything in between), the undead are a full of life lot. This anthology deals the very best brief fiction ever written via the "blood sisters" who understand them most sensible: tales you could rather sink your enamel into.

• creation: “Welcome to My condo! input Freely and of your individual unfastened Will!” by way of Paula Guran
• “A Princess of Spain” through Carrie Vaughn
• “Shipwrecks Above” by means of Caitlín R. Kiernan
• “The Fall of the home of Blackwater” through Freda Warrington
• “In reminiscence of …” by way of Nancy Kilpatrick
• “Where the Vampires Live” by way of hurricane Constantine
• “La Dame” by way of Tanith Lee
• “Chicago 1927” via Jewelle Gomez
• “Renewal” by way of Chelsea Quinn Yarbro
• “Blood Freak” by way of Nancy Holder
• “The strength and the Passion” by means of Pat Cadigan
• “The Unicorn Tapestry” by means of Suzy McKee Charnas
• “This city Ain’t massive Enough” by means of Tanya Huff
• “Vampire King of the Goth Chicks” by means of Nancy A. Collins
• “Learning Curve” through Kelley Armstrong
• “The greater Half” by way of Melanie Tem
• “Selling Houses” by means of Laurell okay. Hamilton
• “Greedy Choke Puppy” via Nalo Hopkinson
• “Tacky” through Charlaine Harris
• “Needles” via Elizabeth Bear
• “From teeth of wierd Children” by way of Lisa L. Hannett
• “Father Peña’s final Dance” via Hannah Strom-Martin
• “Sun Falls” through Angela Slatter
• “Magdala Amygdala” by means of Lucy A. Snyder
• “The Coldest woman in Coldtown” through Holly Black
• “In the long run while All’s Well” by means of Catherynne M. Valente

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