Brain-Based Therapy with Adults: Evidence-Based Treatment by John B. Arden, Lloyd Linford

By John B. Arden, Lloyd Linford

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Involved in working memory and executive functions. Probably the seat of personality; involved in almost every problem therapists work with: relationships, depression, anxiety, obsessivecompulsive disorder, schizophrenia, attention deficit disorder. Home of the executive functions that plan complex actions, orchestrate thoughts and actions in accordance with internal goals, differentiate among conflicting thoughts, make qualitative and moral judgments, predict outcomes and future consequences of current activities, and exercise social ‘‘control’’ (ability to suppress urges that could otherwise lead to unacceptable outcomes).

Advertisers have embraced what some call neuromarketing, and neuroeconomics is now an emerging field. An ad for insurance on the back of Newsweek asks: ‘‘Why do most 16-year-olds drive like they’re missing a part of their brain? ’’ The ad goes on to give wary parents and older drivers an oversimplified but more or less accurate account of adolescent brain development: ‘‘It’s because their brain hasn’t finished developing. ’’ The brain drives (and is driven by) the evolutionary history of our species, not to mention our personal histories.

Network factors can change the function of subsystems and even individual neurons. For example, when a very young individual goes blind, the visual cortex may be reorganized in such a way that it becomes part of the auditory cortex, with a corresponding improvement in the acuity of the individual’s sense of sound. NEURAL NETWORKS Changes in the synapses between neurons result in changes in the probability that a network will respond to a certain level and type of neural input. The network’s sensitivity can vary, and as we noted, so can its efficiency.

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