Brain Games: 134 Original Scientific Games That Reveal How by Richard Fisher

By Richard Fisher

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The input is the level to which you turn the hot/cold tap. Your skin then senses the output, which is the water temperature. If the temperature is too low, then you adjust the tap accordingly. This is the feedback. The problem is almost certainly that the shower operator wrongly interprets the feedback that he is getting. He assumes that the temperature of the water that he is feeling is immediately related to the amount by which he has turned the tap. However, the truth is that the hot water tank may be some distance away, which means that there is a time lag between turning up the temperature and feeling the result.

On' is 1 and 'Off' is 0. Trick 4 The Magic Square To prepare this trick, make a large copy of this square and have ready four crayons of different colours (let's say red, blue, green, yellow). Next, write the number 39 on a piece of paper and seal it into an envelope. Hand the envelope to a volunteer. You can use four other volunteers for the trick, if you wish. Give the first 46 47 volunteer the red crayon, and ask him to pick any row and put a red line through it. Now ask him to pick any column and put a red line through that.

How was the square constructed? Put these numbers outside the grid. Note that they add up to 39. Now fill in the grid by adding the number at the top of its column to the number by its row. This produces the magic square. The crayon crossings out ensure that one number from each row and one from each column is selected, so that the grand total must be the same as the total of the numbers used to create the square. You can make a square like this to fit any 'magic' number you wish. If you have a relative who is about to have their 50th birthday, you could now produce for them a special birthday square which always produces 50 by making sure the numbers around the grid add up to that number.

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