Bridge Aeroelasticity: Sensitivity Analysis and Optimum by J. A. Jurado, S. Hernández, A. Mosquera, Félix Nieto

By J. A. Jurado, S. Hernández, A. Mosquera, Félix Nieto

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Only by building a tunnel between Shikoku and Awaji Islands would it be possible to run the train line along the Ohnaruto Bridge and, to this date, no plans have been made to carry out such a project. The final eastern link was finished in 1998. As mentioned, the Akashi Strait Bridge still holds the world record for those of its class and is the masterpiece of Japanese bridge engineering. It has a central span of 1991 m, and two lateral ones measuring 960 m. 16 reveals its conventional design, with a truss deck and towers whose inner beams are cross-tied.

Consequently, the quality of the final result may vary greatly in each case. There have been more rational tools around for a long time to assist engineers with these tasks. They are based on so-called sensitivity analysis, which consists of obtaining the derivatives of structural response with respect to modifiable structural properties to improve the design. Let us take a look at a practical example of linear static structural analysis to understand this approach. Static equilibrium of a structure can be written as Ku  P where K is the stiffness matrix of a structure, u the displacement vector and P the load vector.

20a, b. 15: Ohnaruto Bridge. 1624 m: that is, 15% longer than the Humber Bridge. Moreover, with the aerodynamic box girder design for the deck, it is unique among its class. The lateral spans are 535 m, making a total length of 2700 m. Jurado[11] feels that it is outstanding in how a sense of continuity has been given to the deck between the central and lateral spans: the deck is not supported by the towers. 16: General view elevation and cross sections of the Akashi Bridge. 17: Location and picture of the Hoga Küsten Bridge.

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