Britain and NATO’s Northern Flank by Geoffrey Till

By Geoffrey Till

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Concerns about peacetime stability had to be weighed against potential efficiency in war. Norwegian authorities were concerned also about not being locked in by inflexible or high-risk defence plans, and about being able to maintain control over the way in which such plans would be carried out in Norway. Furthermore, they wanted to be able Johan 1¢rgen Holst 41 to generate repeated responses to ambiguous warning while at the same time maintaining a level of preparedness which makes frequent responses unnecessary.

In Sweden in the 1970s, this way of thinking had a very strong hold on the public debate - and detente in Europe also seemed to provide justification for more relaxed views on security. Today, as I have already indicated, the debate seems more balanced, with realism a much more conspicious component. In Sweden, as in Norway, influential voices have also advocated increasing resources for military defense as a response to the Nordic area having become more exposed to the strategic concerns of the Superpowers and the alliances.

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