Calculus of variations by Bliss G.A.

By Bliss G.A.

This ebook is the 1st of a chain of monographs on mathematical matters that are to be released lower than the auspices of the Mathematical organization of the USA and whose booklet has been made attainable by way of a truly beneficiant present to the organization by way of Mrs. Mary Hegelek Carus as trustee for the Edward C. Hegeler belief Fund. the aim of the monographs is to make the esse good points of assorted mathematical theories obtainable and tasty to as many people as attainable who've an curiosity in arithmetic yet who will not be experts within the specific concept offered, a goal which Mrs. Carus has very competently defined to be '' the diffusion of mathematical and formal suggestion as contributory to special wisdom and transparent considering, not just for mathematicians and academics of arithmetic but additionally for different scientists and the general public at large''.

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