Cambridge IGCSE English as a Second Language by John Reynolds

By John Reynolds

Recommended by way of Cambridge overseas Examinations a simple and affordable option to train either the conversing and listening elements with one set of books overlaying years and loose electronic fabric. This name has been written for the newest Cambridge IGCSE English as a moment Language (0510 and 0511) syllabuses. - Prepares scholars for his or her checks with a spotlight on assessed language beneficial properties, equivalent to inference, opinion and angle - Develops language talents at a suitable velocity with additional interactive checks on a unfastened CD-ROM

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Just Listening & Speaking (Intermediate)

The simply talents sequence is fully-customised for American English inexperienced persons. the yankee English variation makes use of an identical entire syllabus and has a similar learner-friendly strategy because the British English variation.

Penguin Quick Guides: Really Useful English Grammar (Penguin English)

Do you need to enhance your English grammar? This ebook courses you to crucial issues and problems of English grammar, utilizing: brief, transparent reasons; plenty of perform and evaluate pages and cartoons that will help you comprehend -- and make you giggle!

Corpora in Applied Linguistics

Corpus linguistics is resulting in the improvement of theories approximately language which problem latest orthodoxies in utilized linguistics. despite the fact that, there also are many questions which might be tested and debated: how enormous should still a corpus be? Is the knowledge from a corpus trustworthy? What are its purposes for language instructing?

Versatile Vocabulary

Flexible Vocabulary has been in particular created to motivate scholars, via video games, to take advantage of vocabulary in various methods: Defining phrases utilizing phrases in sentences Spelling phrases performing out phrases altering notice varieties producing new phrases The vocabulary has been rigorously selected from numerous concordances of the main usually used phrases.

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