Challenging Math Puzzles by Glen Vecchione

By Glen Vecchione

Can quantum operations, recombinant shapes, and hid distribution really bring about enjoyable? certain they could! simply test those optical illusions, mechanical flair puzzles, maps and mazes. "Selections are interesting."--School Library magazine.

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Heavy rains have caused rockslides over some of the roads. You need to clear just one rockslide to make the shortest path between Alpine and Descanso. Which rockslide must you clear, and how many kilometers will you travel? (You can do this puzzle in miles, if you wish. ) Desca nso Alpi ne MAZE MASTER By trial and error, you can eventually find your way out of this maze with nothing more than a pencil and eraser. But suppose this were a maze of tall hedges and you were forbidden by the Queen of Hearts to take one wrong tum or it was off with your head!

What do you think Euler discovered by studying the dots and lines of his network? Chapter 5 MECHANICAL APTITUDE Cranking Gears • Tugging Tugboat • Strange Shafts • Pulleys &: Ropes • Wheelies • Counterclockwise Cogs • Gnashing of Teeth • Whizzing Water • Square Dance Mechanical aptitude is the ability to imagine-from nothing more than a drawing or description-certain physical properties of an object, such as how it is constructed or how it moves. lt means seeing how objects fit together or move with other objects.

Cut this strip along the line you drew, as before. You'll wind up with something com­ pletely different this time: a single loop linked together three times. O ne and a Half Twists T hree Links Try looping strips together in different ways and cutting them apart. See what strange topological results you can discover. No wonder many mathematicians choose to become topologists. It allows them to play with Mobius loops! SQUARING THE LOOPS Topologists study how shapes can change into different shapes while keeping some of their original qualities.

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