Channeling Cleopatra by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough

By Elizabeth Ann Scarborough

Leda Hubbard, a forensic pathologist, will get the activity of her desires while an old style pal hires her to gather and authenticate the DNA of the well-known Cleopatra. It’s all nice enjoyable for Leda till, in the course of a huge catastrophe, her colourful dad, the dig’s protection expert, is killed via a bunch attempting to hijack the dear fabric for a “blend,” a technique within which the queen’s DNA is used to import her stories, character, and personality features to a brand new host. They screw up, although, and get Leda’s dad’s DNA as a substitute. to maintain the queen from going to the murderers, Leda blends with Cleopatra herself, studying much more approximately Egypt than she ever desired to know.

“ A shiny, occasionally funny, frequently darkish, yet constantly cutting edge speculative fiction. . . Elizabeth Ann Scarborough is usually a deal with to learn yet with this novel, she takes readers the place no

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Not that I'm sure why that would be to your benefit. " Chimera nodded gravely. "Indeed. As for your qualifications, the line of work in which you've been engaged is the perfect background for learning our process. We will personally instruct you in the next stage of the procedure. The work is well paid, and you will be able to be a part of the large operation ongoing in Alexandria. Besides Cleopatra, Nucore is interested in the remains of Alexander the Great, Mark Antony, and the many scholars who lived and died in that city.

A career that had until that time been spent aboard aircraft carriers and submarines dealing with matters that required a top security clearance made her feel much much older. But the kid had been right about one thing. There were, until very recently, few job ops for Egyptologists who were not Egyptian. This was as true of civilian life as it had been in the Navy. These days, she worked in the Oregon state laboratory, mostly helping law enforcement agencies gather evidence to identify anonymous remains.

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