Circus of the Damned (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, Book 3) by Laurell K. Hamilton

By Laurell K. Hamilton

I'm Anita Blake, specialist on creatures of the evening. I've dined with shapeshifters, danced with werewolves, and been wooed - yet now not gained - by way of Jean-Claude, the Vampire grasp of the City.

And now a darkly risky vampire named Alejandro has hit city. He wishes me for his human servant. A struggle of the undead has all started. Over me...

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Ambrosia. I embraced Ralph. His eyes pinned mine. He was burning. So was I. The flames feasted on his shirt, not on his skin. He was a vampire whose fire danced and loved, but didn’t char or destroy. It loved me, too. His arms surrounded me, and so did his flames. We burned together. I sucked in the fire and it raced down my throat. I felt the soot coat my tongue. ” I looked down at Archie, barely registering his look of terror. Then I saw the smoke curling out of my nostrils. What the hell? The door burst open and someone dressed in a silver hazmat suit pointed an extinguisher at me.

Broken Heart has had some problems,” said Ralph. “One of them is named Lia, and she showed up last night on her dragon. ” “You mean the blue dragon? ” “Unfortunately, no. ” I stared at him blankly. He nodded. “Right. The short version is that there are seven Ancient vampires, the original ones who created all the vampires we have now. ” He nodded. “Anyway, Lia’s an Ancient. ” Ralph laughed. “Hell, no. She got sucked in because of a prophecy. Basically, it said the Ancients’ way of doing things would end, and Patsy would be the new vampire queen, and oh yeah, lead the lycanthropes, too.

On either side of him were men who were his dopplegängers. Triplets. Oh, great. Like one wasn’t scary enough. “I ran blood tests on Ralph and they both have the same . . ” “And yet, he didn’t strap you to a table and poke you with sharp instruments,” I said in a low voice. ” “Dragons? ” Patsy’s voice echoed with shock. Nearly everyone at the table looked as discombobulated as she did. “Yes,” said Stan. “Dragons are rare. We have to assume there is a reason two came to Broken Heart. ” “Dragons.

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