Climbers' Guide to Treating Medical Emergencies by Patrick Brighton

By Patrick Brighton

From pulmonary edema to bashed knuckles, doctor and open air athlete Dr. Patrick Brighton covers every little thing a climber must recognize to stick good alongside the best way. even if bouldering the yard or looking preserve excessive atop Aconcagua, this consultant offers readers uncomplicated, straight-forward suggestion to assist deal with an emergency state of affairs. The e-book prepares climbers to avoid disease and damage; realize ailment and harm whilst it happens; and stay calm and enforce acceptable therapy whilst wanted. With a fresh splash of humor, this sequence is as informative because it is entertaining.

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For an adult, pinch the nose closed and breathe into the victim’s mouth moderately forcefully, so that you see his chest rise. Blowing about 15 times per minute (one breath every four seconds) is sufficient. For a child (about five years old and younger), put your mouth over the nose and mouth. Here you will have to breathe faster: 20 to 30 times per minute. Younger means faster breaths. Obviously, you must lessen the force you use for children. The tendency here is to breathe too fast. This results not only in poor ventilation for the victim but also in light-headedness for the rescuer.

Kind of disappointing, huh? This really is it, though, because the presence or absence of a headache while climbing high mountains can spell the difference between life and death. ” Glad you asked. Headaches represent the sine qua non (medical talk for “really important shit”) of AMS. PREVENTION TIP Have yourself reincarnated as a Sherpa. MORE USEFUL PREVENTION TIP The current accepted climbing rate to limit (but not eliminate) the risk of AMS is 1,000 feet (about 300 meters) of vertical gain per day.

As always, prevention remains our staunchest ally in the war against climbing mishaps, so, please, think ahead before you undertake any climbing endeavor, enjoy your particular climbing pursuit with an egoless passion, and remember: gravity never sleeps. MEDICATIONS Dispensing Medications—chemicals synthesized from raw materials ruthlessly extracted from our rapidly vanishing rain forests only to enhance our already pathetically easy existence… wait a minute, wrong speech. Anyway, medications really are beneficial—even essential in certain emergency, outdoor settings.

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