Collapse: Philosophical Research and Development. Unknown by Robin James Mackay, Dustin McWherter

By Robin James Mackay, Dustin McWherter

Editorial advent by way of Robin Mackay
In Memoriam: Gilles Deleuze (1925-1995) via Thomas Duzer
Responses to a chain of Questions by means of Gilles Deleuze
‘I consider i'm a natural Metaphysician’: the implications of Deleuze’s confirmation through Arnaud Villani
Subtraction and Contraction: Deleuze, Immanence, and subject and reminiscence. by way of Quentin Meillassoux
Blackest Ever Black through Haswell & Hecker
Mathesis, technology and Philosophy through Gilles Deleuze
Malfatti’s Decade through ‘Incognitum’
Aiôn and Chronos: Deleuze and the Stoic concept of Time by way of John Sellars
Matisse-Thought and the stern Quantitative Ordering of Fauvism via Éric Alliez and Jean-Claude Bonne
Unknown Deleuze by means of Mehrdad Iravanian
Another international by way of J.-H. Rosny the Elder
Speculative Realism through Ray Brassier, Iain Hamilton supply, Graham Harman, Quentin Meillassoux

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But ‘monster’ has another meaning: something or someone whose extreme determinacy allows the indeterminate wholly to subsist (for example a monster à la Goya). In this sense, thought itself is a monster. AV: Physis seems to play an important role in your work. GD: You’re right, I believe that I turn around a certain idea of Nature, but I have not yet arrived at considering this notion directly. 1. This exchange between Arnaud Villani and Gilles Deleuze took place in November 1981, and appeared in A.

If for Spinoza’s philosophy immanence is a state, for Bergson’s it is an event. This princely immanence which came over Bergson, did so in one text only – Matter and Memory – but, quite clearly, what’s more, only in one part of this text: it is suggested to us that the beginning of Matter and Memory constitutes a ‘peak of immanence’ in all of Bergson’s thought. , a differential of immanence. Now, as physicists are well aware, to isolate or to constitute a magnitude, it is essential to have at one’s disposal a variation, a difference in magnitude: to isolate the action of a force, we must have access to a variation of speed.

87. Alliez, present volume, 212. 88. Dialogues II (Preface to English Edition), viii. 89. Scientia vitae in vita scientiae appears on the title page of the Malfatti volume – see present volume, 140, 143. 35 COLLAPSE III of science’90 – and even (affording a glimpse of one of those common inherited problems of Badiou and Deleuze) the ‘life of mathematics’ spoken of by Cavaillès and Lautman,91 than with a vulgarised Bergsonian élan vital. Only once we understand the common thread that runs through these ‘forms of life’ will it be opportune to ask (but perhaps then the question will not seem so simple) whether this ‘vitalism’ can be salvaged from a philosophically fatal analogy with the biological animal.

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