Concerning Uniordered Spaces by Roberts J. H.

By Roberts J. H.

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7. Ask students to stand with their partners and form a circle around the room. If there are students without partners, they may stand anywhere they choose in the circle. 8. Have each pair discuss their words, the definitions, and how the words are connected. If some students do not have partners, discuss as a class why those words were difficult to relate to the other words. If there are other words around the circle that could have linked with the unmatched words, point out those words to the students.

Shell Education English Language Learners Provide English language learners with a picture representing the vocabulary word. Then, allow them to draw pictures and/or write words on the branches of the trees. Students may draw further conclusions about the definition of the vocabulary word by looking at the connected images. This part of the activity may be completed in pairs or small groups. ) Standard • understands basic properties and similarities and differences between simple geometric shapes Grades K–2 Sample Lesson Vocabulary Words octagon hexagon vertex (vertices) side Procedure Differentiation suggestions for this strategy are provided on page 47.

Procedure 1. Write the vocabulary words for the day’s lesson on the board or overhead. 2. Discuss the meanings of each of the words and allow several students to share sample sentences using the words correctly. ) before students are allowed to share. 3. Distribute 3 to 5 counters/markers to each student. 4. Place students in groups of three to five. 5. Provide students with the following rules: • Every time a student defines a vocabulary word or says a sentence with one of the vocabulary words in it, he or she gives away a marker or counter.

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