Critical Perspectives in Happiness Research: The Birth of by Luka Zevnik

By Luka Zevnik

This booklet provides an interdisciplinary exploration of the origins of happiness within the smooth Western tradition and makes the argument that happiness isn't common yet is in its place a culturally and traditionally particular event, attribute in basic terms to the Western international. It starts off with an summary of the most learn ways to happiness after which reviews the $64000 yet elusive subject within the context of tradition and family of energy. the second one a part of the publication analyses the social, non secular, moral and political procedures that bring about the emergence of the event of happiness, together with customer tradition in modern societies. It offers an research of the medieval Christian adventure which concludes that the trendy event of happiness in simple terms emerged within the seventeenth and 18th century, while the perfect of human life more and more began to be pursued within the current lifestyles. In its end, this ebook explores the idea that of modernization because the collective pursuit of happiness.

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G. Lu and Gilmour 2004) are still far from conveying comprehensive historical insights into the historical background of the Western experience of happiness and that anthropology of well-being and survey-based happiness research almost completely lack historical analysis. There are at least two more detailed historical analyses of happiness available.  viii) has written a Brief History of Happiness ‘as it appears in Western philosophy,’ in which he provides a historical overview of ‘important philosophical problems in which the idea figures’.

While the anthropology of well-being and the cultural perspective in happiness studies as the (grand)daughter of anthropology still mostly seem to follow this ideal, the postmodern anthropology, on the other hand, has very much questioned the strict scientific foundations of anthropology and its ability to provide accurate descriptions of the world and of (other) cultures.  150). Rather, their position against the ideal of a science of culture was more theoretically profound as they challenged it on ontological, epistemological and ethical grounds.

12 Regarding itself as a political project, cultural studies is also interested in changing and transforming those relations of power. As we shall argue, cultural studies should, therefore, also be interested in happiness in terms of their political project.  11). According to cultural studies, cultural meanings and practices are never independent from the workings of power. Of course, the same holds for meanings and practices that enter in the cultural constitution of the experience of happiness and well-being, which includes two of their main components: the subject(s) of happiness/well-being and the conception(s)/notion(s) of happiness/well-being.

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