Cutting Edge Intermediate Students' Book with DVD and by Peter Moor, Jonathan Bygrave, Araminta Crace, Sarah

By Peter Moor, Jonathan Bygrave, Araminta Crace, Sarah Cunningham

Enticing texts, new video content material and a entire electronic package deal are only a number of the beneficial properties that make this absolutely revised variation much more powerful.

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5 Which of the places thatTom mentions would/ woutdn't you tike to visit? lf you could visit only one, which would you choose? WhY? I , t = theatres and concert halls free exhibitions street entertainers ceer vintage stuff ctlbs and nighttife a the most popular tourist attractions. b the places that locals go to. c t[e cheapest ptaces to eat out and shop. : 2 Brick Lane market 3 Richmond Park visiting London for the first time and asks her friend Tom for advice. Listen to the first part of the conversation and choose the best summary.

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3 She's been living in lstanbul for _ 4 She studied business for vears at universitv. 5 She's been going out with Selim since 20 6 She's been working for her uncle for about . _ years. _ years. 7 She's been in the band for about gigs. 8 They've ptayed about 9 She's been looking for a recently and she thinks that she has finatlv found one. to1[:aq:eal (aq) (ssed) qsr13u1 ue 're; os suexa srq 11e s€AA roLltor.! rnor( ul slue^a pue solep lueyodurg lJpN'eurle}rl urvro rno{ /v\elc ur lsal p (alel) elrnb aru1s7 rclanup 1se1 aq5'euu;t 3uo1 o1(uea1) e uallaN | soaTl ol uog1ue11e lueuosuol e ^oleq 'auill ul lurod e qllrr etup 1 tol asn a1'6 'otlrl Jo spoued ql;m aruls spua )leu pJol e Pue (f11ape) i*€ aluls L Z 97 pafeld aa,faq1 E 'p$ e rct 6ur>1oal uaaq s,aqs 'uorpe oqt lo llnsor aql € s 'Z L se/A aqt aup pquelsl ut 6u1afi uaaq s,aqs '(a:urs pue;o/ qllm pasn ro uorlernp seq uorpe oqt leql uauo st 1r) peleader sr .

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