Dark Ages Tzimisce (DACN 13) (Dark Ages Clan Novel Series) by Myranda Kalis

By Myranda Kalis

The top of an Epic It has all resulted in this. Myca Vykos, schemer of extended family Tzimisce, is thrust into the conflict of Princes as elders of his extended family and the total of the Cainite Heresy come calling. The Nosferatu Malachite, nonetheless looking to restoration Constantinople, is at Vykos's aspect, yet can the fiend be relied on to revive the dream of a vampiric utopia? Or does Vykos have accounts of his personal to pay? concerning the writer Myranda Kalis is the writer of the unconventional darkish a while: Brujah and a large number of fabric in the dead of night a while online game line. Her fiction has additionally seemed in Demon: Lucifer's Shadow.

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Myca’s hands restarted their soothing motion, but his tension persisted. “When I was alone with him I felt impelled to lay my hands on him. ” He fell silent. Ilias turned his face to watch his lover’s expression as he worked, and found it alarmingly empty. “He appeared to be in pain when he arrived. The Ventrue was not gentle with him. ” Ilias whispered, unnerved. ” Softly.

34 Tzimisce Chapter Three Myca Vykos read the letter Jürgen of Magdeburg sent along with his envoy for perhaps the fifth time, as though another repetition could extract more sense from it. He was, frankly, perplexed by the entire situation—the sudden arrival of Rosamund d’Islington with the torpid body of Nikita of Sredetz literally in tow, the delicately worded half-accusation he held in his hand, vis-àvis the presence of a known Cainite heretic in a monastery belonging to the Obertus Order.

Ilias found he had neither the inclination nor the lingering tolerance necessary not to smirk at him in response. ” Myca sat with his back to the door, opposite Lady Rosamund who, after a single, startled glance kept her eyes modestly averted. He rose slowly, with the perfect elegance of carriage and bearing that Ilias found so attractive, and motioned Sir Gilbrecht to sit. “Please, my lord… do not be alarmed. ” Sir Gilbrecht yelped, the affront so obvious it was almost comical. “I’m not alarmed by that filthy heathen — “ Myca turned sharply, and the Teuton’s voice choked off just as quickly.

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