Days Like These by Michael Gurr

By Michael Gurr

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The Ghost within the bone-white masks who haunts the Ankh-Morpork Opera condominium was once consistently thought of a benign presence—some may even say lucky—until he began killing humans. The surprising rash of unusual behind the curtain deaths now threatens to mar the operatic debut of kingdom woman Perdita X. (nee Agnes) Nitt, she of the plentiful physique and ampler voice.

The Woad to Wuin: Sir Apropos of Nothing Book 2

The go back of Sir Apropos of not anything! "This sequel to the wildly profitable Sir Apropos of not anything starts with a bawdy send-up of Lord of the jewelry, yet quick segues into its personal territory with the looks of a mysterious Visionary at Apropos's bar, Bugger corridor. the guy tells our antihero, 'You becomes a shadow of your former self whereas escaping to the Tragic Waste at the street to Ruin,' (or is that 'Woad to Wuin'?

How to Be Lost

Joseph and Isabelle Winters appear to have all of it: a grand domestic in Holt, long island, a trio of radiant daughters, and a feeling that they're secure of their prosperous nook of the US. but if five-year-old Ellie disappears, the fault traces in the relatives are uncovered: Joseph, as soon as a profitable businessman, succumbs to his demons; Isabelle retreats into thoughts of her debutante days in Savannah; and Ellie’s bereft sisters develop apart–Madeline reluctantly remains domestic, whereas Caroline runs away.

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Which is probably fair but misses how much fun it was to write. Dry Storm is never produced, though MTC gives it a public reading at the Russell Street Theatre. Standing on the darkened set of another play, Carol Burns, Robert van Macklenburg and Ray Lawler read the play to those Sunday enthusiasts who come along to these occasions. It’s curiously satisfying. The dark, inappropriate set, the actors standing perfectly still—this is pretty much what the play would look like if you staged it. I’m growing suspicious of this habit of giving public readings.

I ate it. I didn’t say I liked it. —I always go and see your plays, Michael. I like them. And then you come and do this stuff. You’ve got a funny sort of life, haven’t you? 52 DLT 02 (38-105) 6/21/06 4:57 AM Page 53 Days Like These September 9 Today is Launch Day. 30. m. The company who provided it don’t have a back-up. Everyone stares blankly. Is there time to get another one up from Melbourne? No. A TV repairman is called, is here in three minutes and fixes it. We start the last run-through. The autocue breaks again, is fixed again, and then there’s nothing anyone can do except hope.

Once you’ve said something about the blacks or—God help you—women, you wear that tattoo forever. One false move and an unspoken nickname murmurs at your every appearance. Labor is founded on a simple question: How can the place be made more fair ? Because of the ‘soft’ emotion behind that question, and because the Party is run by men, its functionaries suppress feeling with a quite surprising vigour. They get very emotional on big occasions like fundraisers and election nights and later put the emotion down to drink.

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