De la Recherche du Bien: A Study of Malebranche’s Science of by Craig Walton (auth.)

By Craig Walton (auth.)

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In order to elucidate the symmetry of all aspects of his notion of Order, we must first visualize the relation between relations of magnitude and those of perfection. 49 As an aid to imagination, I shall employ the metaphor of dimensionality. First, every model for a possible sort of being is participable by (r) instantiation, and in many cases also by (2) location. Therefore every model would have one or two infinite series of its own possibility: one dimension for possible particularity, another for possible locality.

MALEBRANCHE ' S ONTOLOGY 29 things. " 26 Infmite Being is apprehended as both one and many. It is one as irreducible, given, and fully real. At the same time, its very simplicity and fullness" eminently contain" all actual and possible particular realities. " 28 "The true God is Being, and not a being ... " ; 2 9 yet "it is one of the properties of the infinite to comprehend all and remain simple. . " 30 Infinite Being is immanent in the actuality of all beings, insofar as they are real; they are determinations of it.

17. Concerning those interpretations which find Malebranche unable to balance the tensions of experience, cf. infra, Chapter X. 44 OCCASIONALISM AND EXPERIENCE the polemical attack upon the new - or revised 1 - term "occasional" cause. H e was aware that " secondary" or " natura1" cause was a more familiar, hence more acceptable, way of identifying creatures who have what being and power they have, only from God. But his dissatisfaction with these terms and his decision to employ a new term arose from the seemingly unavoidable temptation of the "scholastics" and "peripatetics" to slip over into a theory of causality in which creatures somehow could have a real force of their very own, independently of God.

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