Does Anything Eat Wasps?: And 101 Other Unsettling, Witty by New Scientist

By New Scientist

  • How fats should you be to develop into bulletproof?
  • Why do humans have eyebrows?
  • Why do pineapples have spines?
  • How a lot does a head weigh?
  • What impacts the colour of earwax?
  • How quick may well I become a fossil?

have you idea up a query so thoroughly off-the-wall, so doubtless ridiculous, that you simply could not even locate the braveness to invite it? probably on the activities bar you have been transported by way of the wonderful thing about your beer to ask yourself, "How lengthy may I continue to exist beer alone?" Or, biking in the course of the park, you mused, "Did nature invent any wheels?" Or having a look up on the evening sky, you had a second of angst, "What could ensue if the moon all at once disappeared -- if it have been vaporized or stolen by means of aliens?"

choked with enjoyable factlets, Does whatever consume Wasps? is a runaway bestseller all over the world. It celebrates the bizarre and wacky questions -- a few trivial, a few baffling, all distinctive -- and their a number of solutions culled from "The final Word," a long-running column within the across the world well known technological know-how journal, New Scientist. Tackling the imponderables of daily life, gleaming with humor, and bursting with pleasant erudition, Does something consume Wasps? is irresistibly enjoyable and totally engrossing.

So, pass on. placed away your lab coat and your pencil -- technology is enjoyable back.

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