Dracula (Monsters Series) by Ian Thorne

By Ian Thorne

In short discusses the origins of vampire legends and the portrayal of vampires in motion pictures. additionally provides a synopsis of the 1931 movie starring Bela Lugosi.

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Real Vampires Hate Their Thighs (Glory St. Claire, Book 5)

Glory St. Clair loves absorbing Hollywood's vampire nightlife together with her horny Scottish lover, Jeremiah. in particular whilst she meets a vampire/ vitamin guru who gives you to provide her the physique she's sought after for hundreds of years. One challenge: his extended family and Jeremiah's are historical enemies. yet Glory's now not approximately to enable a silly kin feud come among her and slim bliss.

Carpathia (Carpathia Timeline, Book 1)

Be aware: Set within the similar trade heritage universe, the tales within the Carpathia Timeline stand by myself, even though a few characters look in either books.

Romania, 1882: After spending years attempting to find and spoil Prince Radu Zeklos, the vampire that killed his fiancé, Daniel Jameson reveals an answer to his challenge whilst the King of Romania comes to a decision to host a world race of “self-propelled floor machines” in the course of the Carpathian Mountains.

Four countries — Germany, England, France and the USA — are set to participate within the race, and Jameson reveals allies in significant William “Stump” O’Brien, the yankee team’s army liaison, and Olivia Lowenby, the daughter of the guy chargeable for development the English car and a girl who additionally wants revenge opposed to the vampire for the dying of her brother.

Initially against the race simply because if winning it is going to ruin the “traditional manner of life” for Romania’s vampires and werewolves, Prince Zeklos has replaced his brain. He too seizes the competition as a chance to accomplish anything he has spent years dreaming of: the construction of a brand new state of the undead, Carpathia.

With airships fighting within the skies and people struggling with undead creatures at the flooring, “Carpathia” is full of motion and plot twists as Jameson and Zeklos maneuver to accomplish their very diversified pursuits.

This version includes Bonus gains together with enjoyable proof and pattern chapters from "The Devil's Harvest," the second one booklet within the Carpathia Timeline.

Kolchak: The Night Stalker (Kolchak, Book 1)

In 1972, Jeff Rice's novel The evening Stalker brought Carl Kolchak to the realm. This spine-tingling novel of supernatural terror turned an quick bestseller and served because the foundation for the movie of an analogous identify, starring Darren McGavin and tailored through mythical Twilight area screenwriter Richard Matheson.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 10 01

New season. New principles. The age-old conflict of Slayer vs. vampire is the focal point of Buffy's existence as soon as again--- it's downright nostalgic! yet with all of the toying with magic she's performed in recent years, this woman may still comprehend it's time for an additional video game swap . .. Shouldn't she?

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