Economy and Society in Russia and the Soviet Union, by Linda Edmondson, Peter Waldron

By Linda Edmondson, Peter Waldron

This is a quantity of essays exploring vital topics within the financial and social heritage of Russia and the Soviet Union throughout the severe interval among 1860 and 1930. It covers advancements in agriculture, undefined, exchange, fiscal conception, defence coverage and the social influence of revolution. The essays are written by means of well-established experts in Russian and Soviet fiscal and social background and are meant as a tribute to the paintings of the highly-esteemed monetary historian Olga Crisp.

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The massive research of Koval'chenko and Milov confirms the theoretically-expected relationship among agricultural prices, land prices, and land rents during the 1861 to 1900 period. 23 The Koval'chenko-Milov study is itself an example of the pitfalls of generalising from isolated regional data because of the enormous regional disparities in output prices, land prices, and rents throughout this period. One can draw virtually any picture of post emancipation agriculture one wants simply by selecting a particular region that confirms the desired picture.

For so long. The removal of serf property, the prime source of wealth and income, was without question profound and arguably traumatic. 3 It left the gentry as a 'losing social class baffied and bewildered by the crashing of the old order'. 4 A revision to the negative emphasis has been made by Olga Crisp in her analysis of the Meyendorf estates. 6 It was, after all, only between emancipation and the revolutions of 1917 that the commercialisation of agriculture, agrarian 'capitalism', could properly exist; a number of Soviet writers have sought to demonstrate the development of these capitalist forms of production.

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