English for Logistics by Marion Grussendorf

By Marion Grussendorf

An increasing sequence of brief, expert English classes for various professions, paintings talents, and industries.

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Strap loads. givespecial the vehicle, to doorsecuring mechanisms. 9 Whenchecking 10 Examine vehicleand load afterloading. t7 loadas evenlyas possible and makesurewheelsareevenlyloaded. t2 Checkwhethervehiclecapacity hasnot been 7 8 2 ilow matchthecorrectsentences with the instructionsbelow. a b c 3 beforeloading: duringloading: afterloading: Matchthe beginnings of thesentences {r-8) with theendings(a-h). r protruding Remove z Coverthe damaged wall 3 Secure the loadto 4 Filtempty 5 6 pallets Replace damaged Alignthe load 7 8 Stackthe boxes a b c d e f g h preventmovement.

T:r litHililGn r Doyou alsohaveto dealwith growingfreighttrafficin yourcountry? z Howdo you thinktransport systemscouldbe improved? canmakefreighttransportmoreefficient? Completethe diagrambelow. destination A U DIO A 1 \1 vu - Listento the telephonedialogueand answerthe questions. ,:. r z 3 4 5 6 Whatarethe two different railtransport options? Whendo theywantto ship? go? Wherewitttheshipment Whichtrainoptionis recommended for largevolumeshipments? cheaper? Whatwouldmaketransport Howmuchtimewitttheyhavefor toadingthe raiIwagons?

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