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45 -xion or -ction =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Complexion, crucifixion, effluxion, fluxion, genuflexion, inflexion all have -x-; connection, reflection (which formerly sometimes had -x-) have -ct-; deflexion is increasingly being replaced by deflection. ° In Amer. spelling -ction is more usual in connection, deflection, genuflection, inflection, reflection. 46 -y, -ey, or -ie nouns =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- The diminutive or pet form of nouns can be spelt -y, -ey, or -ie.

Com for more details cookie laddie softie coolie lassie Tin Lizzie dearie mealie (maize; walkie-talkie doggie (noun; mealy adjective) zombie doggy adjective) mountie Note: bogie (wheeled undercarriage), bogey (golf), bogy (ghost). 47 -y or -ey adjectives =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- When -y is added to a word to form an adjective, the following changes in spelling occur: 1. 16). 2. 17). Exceptions: a. After u: bluey gluey tissuey b. In words that are not well established in the written language, where the retention of -e helps to clarify the sense: cagey cottagey dicey dikey matey pacey pricey villagey Note also holey (distinguished from holy); phoney (of unknown origin).

Use divest) didicoi (tinker) dilatation (medical) dilator dinghy boat dingy grimy disc ° Amer. disk discreet judicious discrete separate disk (sometimes in computing) ° Amer. in all senses of disc dispatch dissect dissociate ° not disassociate disyllable divest doily douse quench dowse use divining rod draft (noun) military party, money order, rough sketch (verb) sketch ° Amer. in all senses of draught draftsman one who drafts documents draught act of drawing, take of fish, act of drinking, vessel's depth, current of air ° Amer.

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