English Synonyms and Antonyms With Notes on the Correct Use by James C. Fernald

By James C. Fernald

English Synonyms and Antonyms

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The Irish classical self : poets and poor scholars in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries

The Irish Classical Self' considers the position of classical languages and studying within the building of Irish cultural identities within the eighteenth and 19th centuries, focusing particularly at the "lower ranks" of society. This eighteenth century inspiration of the "classical self" grew in part out of influential id narratives constructed within the 17th century by way of clerics at the eu continent: responding to influential evaluations of the Irish as ignorant barbarians, they released works demonstrating the worth and antiquity of indigenous tradition and made conventional annalistic claims concerning the antiquity of Irish and connections among eire and the biblical and classical international extensively recognized.

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Synonyms: ancient, superannuated antiquated old-fashioned,quaint, . [49] Antique is that which is either ancient in fact or ancient in style. The reference is to the style rather than to the age. We can speak of the antique architecture of a church just built. The difference between antiquated and antique is not in the age, for a Puritan style may be scorned as antiquated, while a Roman or Renaissance style may be prized as antique. The antiquated is not so much out of date as out of vogue. Old-fashioned may be used approvingly or contemptuously.

Aerial and airy both signify of or belonging to the air, but airy also describes that which seems as if made of air; we speak[28] of airy shapes, airy nothings, where we could not well say aerial; ethereal describes its object as belonging to the upper air, the pure ether, and so, often, heavenly. Sprightly, spiritlike, refers to light, free, cheerful activity of mind and body. That which is lively or animated may be agreeable or the reverse; as, an animated discussion; a lively company. Antonyms: clumsy,heavy,ponderous,sluggish,wooden.

The good general is ready for emergencies, alert to perceive opportunity or peril, prompt to seize occasion. The sense of brisk, nimble is the secondary and now less common signification of alert. Compare ACTIVE; ALIVE; NIMBLE; VIGILANT. 71H 72H 73H 74H Antonyms: drowsy,dull,heavy,inactive,slow,sluggish,stupid. ALIEN, a. Synonyms: conflicting, distant, inappropriate,strange, contradictory,foreign, irrelevant, unconnected, contrary, hostile, opposed, unlike. contrasted, impertinent,remote, Foreign refers to difference of birth, alien to difference of allegiance.

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