Essays in European economic thought by Louise Sommer

By Louise Sommer

Comprises translations of formerly untranslated essays by way of Carl Menger, Friedrich von Wieser, Jacques Rueff, and Luigi Einaudi.

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Mildschuh has earnestly and judiciously sifted through this entire mass of material on tax assessment, as well as all the available information offered by the official registers of landed property, mortgage records, and other sources. He has, in fact, expanded the scope of his original project in all the directions in which theoretical interest extends. Every student of the theory of urban ground rent will benefit from the completeness and clarity with which he has placed before the reader the actual conditions bringing about an increase in rent in a town which, in the period under examination, was going through the transition to a large modern city.

Economic inquiry has the aim of teaching us not only this, but also what to do in order to get reasonable replies to reasonable questions. Why, then, just in this field, should such investigations imply the "contraction of intellectual debts"? In this respect the natural sciences are in an enviable position, because they have long since had an essential awareness of their cognitive goals and procedures. Nevertheless, they do not by any A Systematic Classification of the Economic Sciences 25 means reject methodological questions, least of all where serious doubts arise concerning the aims and methods of inquiry.

Block, Journal des econ. (1883), pp. ;E. Sax, Das Wesen und die Aufgaben der Nationalokonomie (Vienna, 1884), pp. ; E. v. Philippovich, Vber die Angabe und Methode der polit. Okonomie (Freiburg, 1886), pp. ;L. Walras, Elements d'e'c. pol. (1889), pp. 34 ff. 3. A presentation combining theoretical with practical knowledge is justified wherever certain parts of a theory are of specific importance for a particular applied science. In demonstrating a particular practical application of the natural sciences, one may draw upon all the theoretical knowledge relevant to one's purpose, setting it forth either by way of introduction or by means of incidental references in the body of the presentation itself.

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