Ez-Go: Oriental Strategy in a Nutshell by Bruce Wilcox

By Bruce Wilcox

Ez-Go: Oriental technique in a Nutshell

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Attack from a safe base, playing liberty-filling moves that are adjacent to or diagonal from your existing stones. This will help protect them from counterattack. 2. Fill your opponent’s best liberty, the one that would provide the most liberties if your opponent played there. In Diagram 7a, White 1 is already enclosed, with liberties at a and b. If Black played at either a or b that would be attacking from a safe base. The best liberty is a. a If White played there, White’s stones 1 b would have four liberties.

Saving Strings: There are two ways to save strings threatened with capture: 1. Play the last liberty yourself. 2. Capture an adjacent enemy string. 5 3 2 6 1 In Diagram 6, Black 5 threatens to capture White 2. ) White saves White 2 by extending with 6, creating a bigger string with new liberties. Black now has to fill three more liberties to capture White. Diagram 6 In Diagram 7, Black’s two marked stones are in atari. If Black extends to a, they will still be in atari and White will capture all three by playing right of a.

Otherwise they can run around (add stones to gain liberties) and become harder to kill. Enclosure is automatic when the enemy string invades your territory. The walls of your den surround it immediately. Trying to catch a string out in the open is much harder. You need to coordinate several wolves to keep your prey from running away. , links. Shoulder to shoulder wolves (in-line links) like Diagram 1 are inefficient. The prey won’t wait for you to complete the wall of bodies and will easily escape.

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