Finite Frequency Analysis and Synthesis for Singularly by Chenxiao Cai, Zidong Wang, Jing Xu, Yun Zou

By Chenxiao Cai, Zidong Wang, Jing Xu, Yun Zou

This e-book is a self-contained number of fresh examine findings delivering a complete and systematic unified framework for either research and synthesis for singularly perturbed structures. It paves the way in which for the distance among frequency-domain-transfer-function-based effects and time-domain-state-space-based effects to be bridged.

It is split into 3 elements targeting: primary historical past of singular perturbation; basic singular perturbation methodologies and time-scale strategies and the theoretical beginning of finite-frequency keep watch over; the research and synthesis of singularly perturbed platforms; and real-world engineering functions enforcing the consequences constructed in platforms like wind generators and autonomous-aerial-vehicle hovering.

It additionally provides strategies to research and layout difficulties by way of linear matrix inequalities. finally, it presents priceless reference fabric for researchers who desire to discover the layout of controllers for such systems.

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The following statements are equivalent: (1) σ (G(λ)∗ , Π ) < 0 holds for all λ ∈ Λ(Φ T , Ψ T ), where Λ = Λ if Λ is bounded and Λ = Λ ∪ {∞} if unbounded. (2) There exist P = P ∗ and Q = Q ∗ > 0 such that N Φ ⊗ P +Ψ ⊗ Q 0 0 Π N ∗ < 0, A B1 , and T is the permutation matrix such C1 D11 that for arbitrary matrices M1 , M2 , M3 and M4 where N = M In+s T, M = M1 M2 M3 M4 T = M1 M3 M2 M4 , where matrices M1 , M2 , M3 and M4 have column dimensions n, r , n and s, respectively. 2 Frequency Division Strategies 39 Define G(λ) ∗ K as the closed-loop TF from w(t) to z(t).

Next, we present a dual version of the GKYP lemma which is more suitable than the original GKYP lemma for feedback synthesis. A multiplier method is then developed to render the synthesis conditions convex through a simple substitution of variable, in the static gain feedback setting. Consider a TF for a given system with state-space matrix (A, B, C, D), G(λ) = C(λI − A)−1 B + D, where λ is the frequency variable. In order to more clearly describe GKYP lemma, we give the following function definition.

43) to be observable is rank λi In − Aε C = n, i = 1, 2, . . , n. 45) is satisfied for all its eigenvalues λi . 43) is stabilizable or detectable if and only if all its eigenvalues with nonnegative real parts are controllable or observable. Considering the fact that controllability and observability are invariant with regard to similarity transformation, these properties can be analyzed based on the equivalent models. 47) where Ae = Asε 0 , Be = 0 A f ε /ε Bsε , C = Csε C f ε B f ε /ε and Asε = A11 − A12 L , A f ε = A22 + εL A12 , Bsε = B1 − H B2 − ε H L B1 , B f ε = B2 + εL B1 , Csε = C1 − C2 L , C f ε = C2 + ε(C1 − C2 L)H.

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