Five Shall Be One (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Greyhawk by Carl Sargent

By Carl Sargent

The name of the module refers back to the 5 Blades of Corusk, historical magical swords which, based on the legends of Greyhawk's Suloise barbarians, should be introduced jointly to be made much more robust.

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If you can’t be good, be careful! Tyrolian of Rel Mord 29 hold person, invisibility 1 O‘radius, non-detection, sepia snake sigil. slow, suggestion, wind wall. Level 5: cloudkill, cone of cold, extension II, feeblemind, hold monster, passwall, sending, shadow door, teleport, wall of force. Special Possessions: Dagger + 2, + 3 versus large creatures, bracers of defense AC 3, ring ofprotection + 1, ring of warmth, wand offire(22 charges), whirling iridescent ioun stone (allows Karasten to be sustained without air), bag of holding (500 lb.

Special Possessions: dagger + 2, bracers of defense AC 5, ringofprotection + 1, wand oflightning(5 charges), dust of disappearance (4 pinches). Mallon Fer’Asque 8th Level Male Half-elven Wizard Wage) Str 9 Dex 9 Con 15 Int 17 Wis 11 Cha 14 Alignment: N hp: 29 THACO 18 AC 4 Weapon Proficiencies: dagger, dart. Non-weapon Proficiencies: ancient languages (17). etiquette (14),herbalism (17). spellcraft + 2 (17). Languages: Common, Elven, Flan, Nyrondese. Experience Point Tally: 122,725 Special Abilities: 30%resistant to sleep/charm spells, detects secret doors 1 in 6 (2 in 6 if concentrating), 60’ infravision.

The passageway beyond varies in height and width. ). Worry the PCs by rolling dice and announcing that they hear creaks and distant rumbling sounds above them. If you wish have part of the passageway be so low they have to crawl along on hands and knees. Roll dice. Keep the players scared. 14. The Central City Cavern This massive cavern houses the majority of buildings and creatures of Garel Enkdal. Some 20,000 orcs live here (including 500 half-orcs who can be treated as orcs). A huge central highway runs through the city toward the great black iron gate to the north (although this is way outside of infravision range to someone just entering the city).

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