Fun with Grammar: Communicative Activities for the Azar by Suzanne W. Woodward

By Suzanne W. Woodward

For the 1st time I used my amazon bank card and that i concept you have been going to take of forty dlls. We did not you?

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Eat ate 19 did 5 10 do 15 20 As a follow-up, students could work in small groups. Divide the class into even-numbered groups and within the groups, divide the students into two teams. Give each group a copy of the worksheet. Have them fold it in half so they cannot see game 2 while playing game 1. Provide small pieces of cardboard or beans to cover the words. Each group will play its own game independent of the other groups. NOTE: You may use Worksheets 12A and 12B after you review all the verbs.

They will probably want to take notes. 3. Their homework assignment is to write a paragraph about what they observed. ” They should then describe what the people they observed were doing. 3. VIDEO RECALL Materials: Dynamic: Time: Procedure: Short video segment or commercial Groups 15 minutes 1. Show the class a short video (2–3 minutes). This could be a short segment from a TV show or video, or a commercial. 2. Tell students to watch carefully and to concentrate on the activity, not on what is being said.

Is there parking nearby? 7. Library: a. b. c. d. e. Are you open on Sundays? What are your hours? How do I get a library card? How do I get there? Is there parking nearby? 8. Hospital information desk: a. What are visiting hours? b. Are children allowed? c. How many people can visit at once? d. How do I get there? e. What room is (patient’s name) in? Fun with Grammar 19 Worksheet 5: HUMAN BINGO Gets up at 7:00 Likes chocolate Is from a small town Lives in an apartment Likes to go bowling Drinks coffee Eats health food FREE Sometimes forgets to brush teeth Takes a shower in the morning Is wearing black shoes Is married Has a dog Has more Favorite color Favorite class brothers than is green is grammar sisters Is taking Eats lunch at Takes the bus more than two 12 noon to school classes Is studying a subject Likes to swim besides English Is dating Wears contact someone from lenses another country Has a pet Drinks milk at breakfast FREE 20 Fun with Grammar © 1997 Prentice Hall Regents.

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