Fundamentals of GPS Receivers: A Hardware Approach by Dan Doberstein

By Dan Doberstein

Basics of GPS receivers covers GPS receivers' concept and perform. The publication starts with the fundamentals of GPS receivers and strikes onward to extra complicated fabric.

The ebook examines 3 kinds of GPS receiver implementations: first is the customized layout by way of the writer; moment is an commonplace layout, now a part of the open resource community; the 3rd pertains to the receiver designed through JPL /NASA.

Each receiver is exclusive permitting the reader to determine how each one layout solves a similar difficulties. Chapters speak about service part measurements and GPS time and frequency measurements.

The total textual content is size orientated in preference to processing the measurements. With a spotlight at the basics of measurements the reader may be development their instinct for the actual phenomenon at paintings.

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B) Data spectrum on carrier to the user receiver is encoded onto the RF carrier using BPSK. BPSK modulation is a constant amplitude modulation scheme. This helps in signal power but creates other complexities, as we shall see. 3a shows the power spectrum of the GPS C/A signal. 977 ms. This formula would be exact if the C/A code were infinite in length. But since the C/A code repeats at 1 kHz intervals, a careful inspection of the C/A code spectrum would reveal a series of spectral lines separated by 1 kHz in frequency.

8 Block diagram of four-channel GPS receiver SNAP_SHOT RECEIVER REFERENCE OSCILLATOR (RRO) c DKD INSTRUMENTS RF IN RECEIVER REFERENCE CLOCK SV CLOCK REPLICA CH. 1 N 0 .. CLK. TO COMPUTER TO RECONSTRUCT ALL DIALS ABOVE 1 SEC. 9 The Receiver Reference Oscillator 35 The SV replica clock must be properly reset in order to be a “faithful” delayed reproduction of the received SV clock. In the reception process the first two dials are correctly set by the correlation process used on the SV signal. 977 ms dial is dynamically controlled to maintain “lock” on the received SV clock.

977uSEC (1023 TICS TOTAL) 1MSEC 1 SEC C IS THE SPEED OF LIGHT D D = B D TerrB NOTE SMALL ERROR ON CLOCK B WRT MASTER CLOCK C A Master Clock Fig. 6 Clocks at A and B have small error with respect to each other; each clock sends receiver its error term with respect to master clock AT SAME INSTANT, "SNAP_SHOT" 2) CAMERA RECORDS THREE CAR CLOCKS NOTE: 1) ALL CLOCK DIALS ROTATE CLOCK WISE. C ] MSE R __ TrecA + TrecB - TsentA - TsentB + TerrA + TerrB - c 300 2 0 C SE 0M 10 RECEIVER REFERENCE CLOCK 12M SE C C SE 20MSEC 18M 20MSEC SEC c DKD INSTRUMENTS C SE 8M 2M SE C 0 C SE 0M 90 0 LIGHT REC.

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