Gates of Mordor (Middle Earth Role Playing MERP) by Graham Staplehurst, Terry K. Amthor, Peter C. Fenlon

By Graham Staplehurst, Terry K. Amthor, Peter C. Fenlon

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Gates of Mordor (Middle Earth Role Playing MERP)

Nice for the classic GamePlayer

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11. Empty Shiriik Caves. These caverns have been cleared completely following the departure of the Scara-hai forces. 12. ShirQk Cave. Four senior ShirQksnormally share this cave. ) 13. ShirQk Cave. The Scara-hai living quarters are rough-hewn caverns formed by enlarging the pre-existing mine cavities. Ten Junior Shiruks make their home in this cave, although only one is still in the complex - usually to be found in the guardroom of the tower. Heaps of filthy belongings roughly tied with sacking and ropes cover the floor.

25/26), o n a patrol or swift march carrying messages. They will either avoid the party or attack as looks most opportune. 23). B) Beasts. Any of the creatures listed might attack even a strong or numerous party. IT96,PR97,AP30. *Clawed Bracers. Gaurhir Melee OB Missile 98qs 102cv Mov/ Man OB Notes 40 ~ Demonic Werewolf Mage 5 68xb Scara-hai Warrior Abbreviations: cleaver Ln - knife ob - or-bukar. Orcish clawed mace cv - The Scara-hai are called the Orcs of the Green Claw, and this is the symbol their warriors bear on their breastplates.

A huge desk sits in the front room along with overstuffed chairs and footstools. The desk drawers overflow with magical scrolls and manuscripts. Several glass-doored cabinets contain maps, notebooks, magical substances and sorcerous aids. Staircases lead up to two doors that open onto terraces. Treasures here are at your discretion. 24. Terrace. 25. Terrace. 27 28 T H E CAVERNS 1. spiral Stair. These stairs connect the tower to the Orc caverns beneath it. cellars. TheAngdraug was constructed in this large, echoing chamber.

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