Getting Old Is the Best Revenge by Rita Lakin

By Rita Lakin

“NEVER belief someone lower than SEVENTY-FIVE!”

That’s the motto of the Gladdy Gold Detective corporation. Don’t snicker: having solved a case of serial homicide, Gladdy and her eccentric friends are development their acceptance among canasta video games and pool exercises–hunting down every thing from misplaced pocketbooks to lacking octogenarians. And while a jealous girl units them after her wayward husband, and a flasher moves their retirement advanced, doubtless unrelated circumstances collide with a 3rd: a chain of dastardly murders concentrating on Florida’s wealthiest other halves.

But whilst the women win tickets for a luxurious bingo cruise, they hit the jackpot. simply because this send is wearing not just Florida’s fiercest bingo opponents but in addition a killer–and it’s as much as Gladdy and her associates to prevent him earlier than considered one of them turns into his subsequent victim….

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The treatments pummeled her into youthfulness. She felt like she could live forever. Alas, Josephine was wrong. Today was the last day of her life. It was the end of her daily regimen and she was finally in her own private steam room, cold cucumbers relaxing her tired eyes, hot billows of steam cleansing her pores. She mentally reviewed the details of tonight's dinner party. The crème de la crème of Boca Raton society would be there to contribute to her favorite charity, the Boca Raton Opera. " Gambling with sexy croupiers in low-cut outfits for the men.

She's still pretty traumatized over John. I have to nip this group intrusion in the bud. Now. " I say to the woman in black. Helping her out of the patio chair, I reposition her behind her walker and firmly move her out the pool gate. As we leave, my girls scamper to keep up. I hear another sigh in the background. This one of disappointment. Followed by a buzz of complaints from the neighbors left behind and pointedly being left out. Tessie whines, "Didn't I ruin my best bathing costume chasing after our murderer?

All eyes automatically turn to me as I put down my puzzle and walk toward her. " Needless to say, the girls climb out of the pool and line up behind me, my little ducklings all in a row. " "They would," Ida mutters into my back. "Ask them when we go to the toilet. All our neighbors know that, too. " I ignore Ida. " In a flash, Hy is at our side, dragging one of the plastic pool chairs. "Here, missus, have a seat," he offers, helping the woman into the chair. He positions himself right next to her.

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