Grammar Games: Cognitive, Affective and Drama Activities for by Mario Rinvolucri

By Mario Rinvolucri

Cognitive, affective and drama actions for EFL scholars this can be a source ebook for lecturers containing fabric for a large choice of video games which might be performed within the English language lecture room. each one online game makes a speciality of a number of issues of English grammar. A specification is given for every video game, describing its point, fabrics wanted, grammar issues practised and time required. Grammar video games permits academics to combine grammar perform into their sessions in novel and motivating methods.

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Lvlakea correct shoppinglist and read it out. apple is countable. ) + of. ajarofjam ahilo of meat 2 a loaf ot a lot of, lots of; a little, a few; not much, not many 3 acarto' of tr I 4 a bottieof \fe use a lot of or lots of with countable and uncountable nouns to talk about 'a large amount' or'a largenumber'. lotsof bread 1 a tr"rbeof 3 \{'e use not much with uncountable nouns and not manywith countable nouns to talk about'a small amount' and 'a smallnumber'. €\ (|--J soLlp meal O Q, 5 a packetof I 'A bread 6 ajarof toothpaste L_W G.

Pastcontinuous and past simple \Alhenone action interrupts another,we usethe pastcontinuous and the past simple together in one sentence. a I was not oR wasn't you were not oR weren't he was not ORwasn't she was not oR wasntt itwas not oRwasn't we were not oR weren't you were not on weren't they were not oR weren't Questions Were you reading? Was he reading? Chapter10 Shortanswers Yes, Iwas. No, he *'asn't. thelanzp. Trigwas szuingtngon thelamp whenit fell doum. 1 We use the past continous (wasreading, was swinging) for the longer action.

Grammar lesson is a healthv sporr- Gerunds on Concorde is e\penffi r We can use the ing form as a noun. We call it a gerund. We can use a gerund as a subject or an object. A noun can follow it. Subject Object Reqcling is importantfor our enuironment. I'm reading about reqckng. ting things and using them again. to loud music is bad for t t t t t t vour father's ears. too much telerision eir€1o Mrs Bell a headache. 6 your room is borine. 7 monev is sensible. 8 money is fun! 9 books is one ofJennv's favourite hobbies.

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