Handbook of Experimental Existential Psychology by Jeff Greenberg PhD, Sander L. Koole PhD, Tom Pyszczynski PhD

By Jeff Greenberg PhD, Sander L. Koole PhD, Tom Pyszczynski PhD

Social and character psychologists routinely have targeted their realization at the most elementary construction blocks of human suggestion and behaviour, whereas existential psychologists pursued broader, extra summary questions in regards to the nature of life and the that means of lifestyles. This quantity bridges this longstanding divide via demonstrating how rigorous experimental equipment will be utilized to figuring out key existential matters, together with demise, uncertainty, identification, that means, morality, isolation, determinism, and freedom. Bringing jointly top students and investigators, the guide provides the influential theories and study findings that jointly are supporting to outline the rising box of experimental existential psychology.

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This hypothesis was confirmed in a series of studies by Harmon-Jones et al. (1997) and more recently by Arndt and Greenberg (1999). Also consistent with this idea is work showing that other self-esteem–related psychological resources, such as hardiness (Florian, Mikulincer, & Hirschberger, 2001) and secure attachment styles (Mikulincer, Florian, & Hirschberger, 2003) reduce the effects of MS, and that deficits in such resources, such as neuroticism (Goldenberg, Pyszczynski, McCoy, Greenberg, & Solomon, 1999) and depression (Simon, Greenberg, Harmon-Jones, & Solomon, 1996), increase MS effects.

For TMT, self-esteem consists of the belief that one is a person of value in a world of meaning, and the primary function of self-esteem is to buffer anxiety, especially anxiety engendered by the uniquely human awareness of death. From this theoretical perspective, the need for self-esteem is universal (Goldschmidt [1990] referred to this psychological imperative as “affect hunger”), in that people everywhere need to feel that life has meaning and that they are valuable participants in the cultural drama to which they subscribe.

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