Harmonic Analysis: Proceedings of the International by Jean-Paul Pier (auth.), Pierre Eymard, Jean-Paul Pier (eds.)

By Jean-Paul Pier (auth.), Pierre Eymard, Jean-Paul Pier (eds.)

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1. Another possible meaning is 'sich erhitzen, sich ereifern iiber/gegen'; Gen. 1; Pss. 3; Prov. 19. It is rather remarkable that the occurrence in Gen. 1 is not mentioned together with the examples falling under 'neidisch sein'. 69. 'Im zwischenmenschlichen Bereich druckt qn' vor allem eine heftige Gemiitsbewegung aus, die durch die Angst vor dem Verlust eines Gegenstands oder einer Person ausgelost wird' (ThWAT,VII, 53). B. heiBt: seine Gelassenheit gegeniiber jemandes unverdientem Gliicksstand verlieren und diesem Gefuhl in Reden Luft machen, wahrend der HaB auch schweigen kann' (Das erste Buck der Tom, 700).

24. As is correctly noted by Prewitt, The Elusive Covenant, 44. 25. 23, where Rachel says: 'God has taken away (^DN) my disgrace'. 26. 3; in both occurrences ''DIN has the same vocalization. 20: Joseph is told to be married to Asenath, daughter of Potiphera, a priest of On (written as ]N or JIN, by which is meant the city of Heliopolis). 2. '27 There is, however, no reason to exclude the meaning 'son of my strength', or 'son of my vigour'. Consequently Benoni could both mean 'son of my sorrow' and 'son of my 'vigour'.

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